MyFitness CrossTraining Battle Fittest In Baltics – FINAL!

The best CrossTraining athletes from Estonia and Latvia were chosen in the three preliminary rounds of the CrossTraining Battle. The GRAND FINAL will take place on 13.08 on the roof of the Ülemiste City parking building! The secret competition track will only be revealed on the morning of the competition day, when we will found out who are the best of the best in Estonia and Latvia! Come and support the best CrossTraining athletes! You can follow the current information about the event on its Facebook page >

The roof of the Ülemiste City parking building F, Sepise 8.


  • Women/Advanced, 12 participants.
  • Women/Intermediate, 12 participants.
  • Men/Advanced, 12 participants.
  • Men/Intermediate, 12 participants.


Stacy James Cross


CrossTraining Battle partners: SportlandRahva RaamatRedBullBarebellsA. Le CoqPULS NutritionTalTech Cheerleaders. Dāvanu,


MyFitness CrossTraining battle FITTEST in Baltics

MyFitness CrossTraining battle FITTEST in Baltics invites all CrossTraining friends to participate! The new and unprecedented series of competitions will take place in Estonia and Latvia at the same time. The goal is to find out the strongest CrossTraining athletes in the Baltics! There will be 3 battle together in Estonia and Latvia, finally the big finale in Estonia, which will bring the THREE BEST OF THE BATTLE joint-rating TOP25!


Three selection battle will take place at the same time in the “MyFitness” sports clubs in Latvia and Estonia. The final finale at the Estonian Sports Club, where better from both countries will gather together on the Final in Estonia.


  • 05.02.2022 – Battle 1 – done.
  • 09.04.2022 – Battle 2 – done.
  • 11.06.2022 – Battle 3 – done.
  • 13.08.2022 – Final, MyFitness Rocca al Mare, Estonia.



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