My Fitness AS was established in 2008 when the first fitness club opened in Tallinn at Viru Keskus. MyFitness quickly grew out to be the largest sports club chain in Estonia. In 2014 MyFitness entered the Latvian market by purchasing seven sports clubs in Riga. In 2020 MyFitness acquired second largest sports club chain in Lithuania –  Gym+  that operates a total of 10 clubs in Lithuania.  MyFitness is stable marketing leades in Baltics. In Latvia there are 13 sports clubs at the moment.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to inspire, motivate and support people in achieving more active, healthy and better lifestyle through moving and exercise.

MyFitness’ vision is to be the most popular sports clubs chain and to offer the best value for money at any of our markets.

Benefits of MyFitness

  • As a member of MyFitness you get access to 13 clubs in Riga – you can always find suitable training styles at the suitable time.
  • We improve and develop our training schedule constantly; we keep it innovative, modern, and versatile.
  • In our clubs you will always find the best trainers in the field.
  • Clubs are open 7 days a week.
  • Our equipment is high-quality, modern, and made by world class manufacturers.
  • Through personal trainings and other consultations and tests we provide support in reaching your goals.
  • You enjoy yourself at MyFitness clubs – we make sure that you have all the necessary training equipment, all our rooms are fulfilling your needs.
  • As a member of MyFitness you can participate in exciting outdoor activities, e.g. training days, competitions and camps; these activities will definitely help you to find inspiration and motivation to reach your personal goals.

Our team’s motto is “Passionate about fitness”. We love our work; we constantly educate and develop our team and our clubs to offer the possibility of achieving a better lifestyle to the widest possible audience.

Through MyFitness chain we wish to offer you the best training experience in the comfortable and safe environment; we work hard every day to achieve it.

See you at the training!
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