The greatest joy of life is the ability to overcome obstacles to achieve own goals both emotionally and physically. So, we invite you to challenge yourself – test the physical and emotional endurance of your body in 4km or 8km race.

We believe, that each of you can do it!


The obstacle race, hereinafter – MYFITNESS MADNESS RACE, is organised by the sports club “MyFitness”.

  1. Course:

1.1. MYFITNESS MADNESS RACE will take place on meadow lawn.

1.2. different distances of MYFITNESS MADNESS RACE are available:

  • 4km obstacle race;
  • 8km obstacle race (two laps);

1.3.The race courses are marked with indications and warning information. There will be a referee near almost every obstacle.

1.4.During team races, the start will be given to 4 teams at a time with 5 minute interval between each start.

1.5.During 4km individual race, the start will be given to 15 participants at a time with 5 minute interval between each start.

1.6.During 8km individual race, the start will be given to 15 participants at a time with 5 minute interval between each start.

  1. Participants and age groups

2.1. Persons starting from 14 years of age are allowed to participate in 4km individual and team races.

2.2. Persons starting from 16 years of age are allowed to participate in 8km individual and team races.

2.3. Each participant or his/her responsible person assumes full responsibility for compliance of participant’s health condition for completing the specific distance and confirms it with own signature when receiving the participant’s number. Competition organizers do not assume responsibility for possible injuries of participants or accidents during the competition.

2.4. During the entire event, first medical aid is ensured to participants, if necessary.

2.5.Participants of 4km and 8km MYFITNESS MADNESS RACE are divided into the following age groups:



14 – and older (2005. – … year of birth).


14 – and older (2005. – … year of birth).



16 – and older (2003. – … year of birth).


16 – and older (2003. – … year of birth).

2.6. Starting numbers of participants, who have not yet reached the age of majority, are issued only to their parents or guardians.

2.7. When receiving a starting number, a parent or guardian of minor participant shall sign a permit, that he/she allows the minor person to participate in the race and assumes responsibility for abilities of the minor to participate in this event.

  1. Competition place and time
    • The competition takes place on 8 September 2019 in the southern part of Lucavsala.
  2. Registration of participants

4.1. Registration of participants takes place online, starting from 18 February 2019, in the section “Events” of the website The online registration will close on 3 September at 23.59 o’clock.

4.2. The participation fee includes a starting number, first medical aid at the venue, prepared course with obstacles, course marking, work of referees, organisational costs of the competition, main prizes and incentive prizes (commemorative medals to all finishers), venue, free photo gallery, video review on the competition homepage, registration of results of participants, warming-up with a coach before the start, storage of belongings, toilets, entertainment. In August, permanent members of MyFitness will be offered to attend special group sessions as preparation for the competition.

4.3. Participants are not allowed to change their registered distance or replace the registered participant with another participant.

4.4. The participation fee is not refunded, if the participant withdraws from participation, and it is not transferred to any other event organised by “MyFitness”.

4.5. When receiving the starting number, each participant certifies with own signature at the receipt of the number, that:

  • he/she participates in the competition of own free will, being aware of and understanding possible risks related to participation;
  • he/she undertakes not to raise any complaints against the competition organizers in case of possible injuries, arising as a result of the participant’s fault, underestimating of circumstances, or overload;
  • he/she assumes full responsibility for own health condition, and that the health condition is appropriate for completing the race;
  • he/she fully agrees to this Regulation of the competition and undertakes to observe it;
  • the responsibility for a minor participant of 4km MYFITNESS MADNESS RACE or 8km MYFITNESS MADNESS RACE is assumed by parents or lawful guardians;
  • With own signature when receiving the starting number a participant grants the right to the Organizer or third parties authorised by the Organizer to take photos, videos and other audiovisual recordings of audiovisual information of participants, and is fully aware of it, as well as collect, save and process information about the participant in carriers of text, audio and visual data. Processing of information, among other aspects, shall be considered the right to collect, register, enter, store, organise, transform, use, transfer, transmit and delete information about participants. If necessary, the Organizer may transfer the said information to related companies and to other third parties. The Organizer is entitled to use the said information and data in advertising campaigns of the Event. The copyright, distribution rights and other property rights of taken photos, recordings and other obtained information are held by the Organizer.

4.6. The participant confirms with own signature, that:

  • my health condition and physical fitness is appropriate for successful completion of the chosen distance;
  • I have become acquainted with the Regulation of the event;
  • I will review the Regulation repeatedly before the event;
  • I undertake to observe all requirements of the Regulation;
  • I am aware, that “MyFitness” SIA as the event organizer does not assume responsibility for my possible injuries or health disorders while I take on the race distance as a participant;
  • I am informed about the procedure and conditions of the participation fee;
  • the entire information provided by me is true;
  • I agree to provide my personal data for processing to “MyFitness” SIA for the purpose of organisation, ensuring and maintenance of the event;
  • I agree, that “MyFitness” SIA publishes the results achieved by me on the event homepage after the event;
  • by completing the registration I have given my consent to receive to the e-mail address and phone number specified by me any documentation and information related to “MYFITNESS MADNESS RACE”.
  1. Participation fee for individual races:

5.1. 4km MYFITNESS MADNESS RACE for MyFitness members (The member’s price shall be valid only, if a member’s contract is in force (physically signed contract at the club)):

  • From 3. June to 19.August EUR 16.00
  • From 20.Augusts to 7.September  EUR 20.00

5.2. 8km MYFITNESS MADNESS RACE for MyFitness members (The member’s price shall be valid only, if a member’s contract is in force (physically signed contract at the club)):

  • From 3. June to 19.August EUR 18.00
  • From 20.Augusts to 7.September  EUR 22.00

5.3. 4km MYFITNESS MADNESS RACE for other participants:

  • From 3. June to 19.August EUR 18.00
  • From 20.Augusts to 7.September  EUR 22.00

5.4. 8km MYFITNESS MADNESS RACE for other participants:

  • From 3. June to 19.August EUR 20.00
  • From 20.Augusts to 7.September  EUR 24.00
  1. The participation fee for team races (4 persons per team, disregarding whether MyFitness members or not):
  • Each team participant registers individually, but a precise name of the team represented by the participant has to be indicated in an additional field during registration.
  • A team consists of 4 participants.
  • The participation fee is paid at the moment of registration on the homepage of “MyFitness”.
  • After registration, each participant will receive an e-mail with a document that certifies registration.

7. Issuing of starting numbers

  • A chip will be issued on the day of the competition in the registration tent (please take an identity document with you).
  • Two days prior to the competition, each participant will receive an e-mail with his/her start time.
  • The chip is transferred to the participant for use.
  • A disposable chip will be activated on the starting number.
  • Each timing chip is unique and valid only for the participant, to whom it is issued. It shall not be exchanged, transferred to another person or sold.
  • The starting number with a time control chip has to be attached on the chest.
  • The chip shall be attached firmly, and it shall not hang loose.
  • During the race, the route and distance corridor indicated by the race organizers shall be followed.

8. Process of the competition

  • Several starts are given for participants of each distance according to the issued numbers. The winner is the participant who has been the fastest to complete the distance in the overall ranking.
  • The competition takes place on marked courses equipped with MyFitness delimiting tape, fence and referees wearing reflective vests, who will show the right direction, if necessary.
  • A water station (one water station in 4km race and two water stations in 8km race) will be available during the race.
  • In the case of participant’s withdrawal competition organizers do not ensure taking of the participant to the finish. In the case of health problems, assistance of referees and other participants of the competition shall be used to resolve the problem and contact the competition organizers.
  • During the race, participants have to check their chip (starting number) to ensure that it does not fall off. If the starting number is lost during the race, the participant is disqualified.
  • The finish time of each team will be considered the finish time of the all team participants in total.
  • The map of the obstacle race will be published one week before the event.
  • In the 4km distance, on average 35 obstacles will have to be overcome.
  • In the 8 km distance, the number of obstacles doubles.

9. Awarding

9.1. Prizes provided by the competition organizers and supporters are awarded to winners of 1st-3rd position of 4km MYFITNESS MADNESS RACE and 8KM MYFITNESS MADNESS RACE in the overall ranking for men and women in the respective age groups.

9.2. Prizes provided by the competition organizers and sponsors are awarded to winners of 1st-3rd position of 4km MYFITNESS MADNESS RACE and 8KM MYFITNESS MADNESS RACE for teams in the overall ranking.

9.3. Prizes from MyFitness:

  • Winners of the 1st position will receive a 6-month free subscription for MyFitness sports club and products of MyFitness. And prizes awarded by sponsors;
  • Winners of the 2nd position will receive a 3-month free subscription for MyFitness sports club and products of MyFitness. And prizes awarded by sponsors;
  • Winners of 3rd position will receive 50 euro gift cards from MyFitness.
  1. Disqualification and penalty time:
  • For any unsportsmanlike, rude behaviour or fraudulent action;
  • If a participant uses running spikes, football shoes or footwear with any other sharp elements;
  • For failure to complete the race completely or finish inside the control time of the competition (90 min.)
  • If any stage of the course is omitted – crossing the tapes and running over to the adjacent stage of the course.
  • To prevent receiving of such penalties, it is advisable to follow instructions given by referees.
  • Penalty time – is applied, if any obstacle is omitted.
  • The penalty time is added to the finish result.
  • The penalty time is 5 minutes for each omitted obstacle.

11. Service:

  • The organizers will ensure for participants a bag storage and medical staff, who will provide first medical aid.
  • The bag storage will be accessible only to participants by presenting the starting number.
  • The organizers do not assume responsibility for items left in the bag storage.

12. Other:

  • Please note that your equipment (clothing, footwear) may be damaged during the competition.
  • Before the start, take off all jewellery, do not leave anything in pockets.
  • Be tolerant during the competition. Help other participants, if you see, that they struggle to overcome an obstacle. Later any other participant will help you, so no crowding will form near obstacles.
  • The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the regulation, event process, time, distance and starting groups, if necessary.
  • If participants or supporters arrive at the competition venue with dogs, dogs shall have a muzzle. If a dog does not have a muzzle, the event staff is entitled to expel the participant from the event territory.
  • We call everyone to be sensible and prepare for this race. The course is difficult enough and weather conditions can make it even more difficult. The organizers recommend following weather conditions and choosing appropriate clothing.

13. Complaints

13.1. A participant’s complaint is accepted within one hour after completing the race. The complaint shall be submitted at the registration tent to the chief referee. The chief referee examines complaints immediately.


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