Countless studies confirm the claims that the foundation of good health is physical activity. It’s time to take care of Yourself.

If your goal is to sleep better, then know that two workouts a week improve the quality of sleep by 65%. * If You want to reduce the amount of stress in Your everyday life, we inform you that 150 minutes of workout a week improves mental health by 30%.** And if you currently have big goals to achieve at school, work or in your personal life, then know that you cannot afford to save time on physical activity, which is the key to having a strong immune system.



MyFitness is the best choice for your workouts because you will have access to 13 sports clubs in Riga.

Large gyms equipped with the newest generation of gym equipment, a diverse offer of group classes, professional trainers that will support and motivate you.

MyFitness subscription is very convenient, flexible and suitable for today’s active lifestyle. The membership agreement is non-binging.

*Study of Bellarmine University and the University of Oregon, 2005 – 2006
**Study of the Department of Health and Social Care of Great Britain, 2011


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