In addition to fresh air and strengthening health, we can also acquire additional knowledge.

We will organise this event on a regular basis, bringing you a little further from the Riga centre.

“MyFitness Walk” means photo orientation, combined with location and additional tasks. A walk, on average, can take 3-4 hours in a relaxed stride. Tasks are easy, there is no need for special preparedness. The most important one is a 100% charged phone.

We’ll send all the necessary materials through the WhatsApp application shortly before it starts.

The second “MyFitness Walk” will take place in the Stopiņi between Feb. 27 and March 7, from 11:00 – 17:00 *(Choose the most convenient date for MyFitness Walk when you register!)

*We strongly recommend read the RULES of the event.



📸 Participants’ photographs and videos, what we will get therefore, observing requirements of the GDPR, we are obliged to notify, that the photographed and filmed material may be used for advertising purposes on MyFitness social network accounts, website and elsewhere. By attending the event, you give your consent to taking photos and video shooting during the event, and public placement of such materials for advertising purposes. If you don’t want to be filmed or photographed during the event, please notify our photographer or operator, and if you want any published photo to be removed after the event, please contact us.


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