When: 21.07.2019

Where: MyFitness Galleria Riga

From – to: from 15.30 – 21.00

Team: 3 members

Registration will be closed: on 19 July

Goal of the event:

To draw the public attention to healthy and active lifestyle. To show that doing sports can also be entertaining.


  1. Division of activities
  • Team building tasks and relays;
  • Individual disciplines (completed by the entire team).

A team has to complete as many disciplines as possible and show its best result to earn more points in the overall standings.

  1. Participation – by teams
  • To participate in “MyFitness Team Battles”, a team of 3 members shall be created.
  1. Team building disciplines/ relays
  • A team shall complete all team disciplines/ relays.
  • Team building disciplines/ relays can be completed only once.
  • The more precisely and faster a task is completed, the more points are earned by the team in the overall standings.
  1. Individual disciplines
  • The team score from individual tasks will be counted as the average score of all team members.
  • Individual disciplines shall be completed by all team members, because the team’s average of each individual discipline will be calculated for the overall standings.
  • Each team member is allowed to complete individual disciplines only once.
  1. About the venue of the event
  • The venue of the event – MyFitness Galleria Riga (the club will be closed for other visitors on the day of the event).
  • All activities will take place concurrently throughout the day.
  1. Participants and age groups
  • The youngest team member shall be at least 16 years of age. *Full 16 years of age on the day of the event.
  • When receiving a participant’s wristband, a parent or guardian of minor participant shall sign a permit, that he/she allows the minor person to participate in the event and assumes responsibility for abilities of the minor to participate in this event.
  1. Registration of participants
  • Registration of participants takes place online, in the section “Events” of the website The online registration will close on 19 July at 18.00 o’clock.
  • Each team participant registers individually, but a precise name of the team represented by the participant has to be indicated in an additional field during registration.
  • The registration fee shall be paid at the moment of registration on “MyFitness” website or at the sports club’s reception desk, after completing the registration form.
  • The registration can be also completed at any MyFitness club, completing a registration form at the sports club’s reception desk.
  • The participation fee is not refunded, if the participant withdraws from participation, and it is not transferred to any other event organised by “MyFitness”.

When receiving the participant’s wristband, each participant certifies with own signature, that:

  • he/she participates in the event of own free will, being aware of and understanding possible risks related to participation;
  • he/she undertakes not to raise any complaints against the event organizers in case of possible injuries, arising as a result of the participant’s fault, underestimating of circumstances, or overload;
  • he/she assumes full responsibility for own health condition, and that the health condition is appropriate for completing team/ relay and individual disciplines during the event;
  • he/she fully agrees to these Regulation of the event and undertakes to observe them;
  • responsibility for a minor participant, who participates in MyFitness Team Battles, is assumed by parents or lawful guardians.
  • he/she undertakes to observe all requirements of the Regulation;
  • he/she is aware, that “MyFitness” SIA as the event organizer does not assume responsibility for possible injuries or health disorders of the participant during participation in the event activities;
  • the entire information provided by the participant is true;
  • he/she agrees to provide his/her personal data for processing to “MyFitness” SIA for the purpose of organisation, ensuring and maintenance of the event;
  • he/she consents to receive any documentation and information related to MyFitness Team Battles to the e-mail address and indicated phone number;
  • the organizer itself or third parties authorised by the organizer are allowed to take photos, videos and other audio-visual recordings of audio-visual information of participants, and he/she is fully aware of it, as well as to collect, save and process information about the participant in text, audio and visual data carriers. Processing of information, among other aspects, shall be considered the right to collect, register, enter, store, organise, transform, use, transfer, transmit and delete information about participants. If necessary, the Organizer may transfer the said information to related companies and to other third parties. The Organizer is entitled to use the said information and data in advertising campaigns of the Event. The copyright, distribution rights and other property rights of taken photos, recordings and other obtained information are held by the Organizer.

8. Participation fee for participants of the event

For members of MyFitness:

  • From 7 June to 19 July  EUR 5.00

For other participants:

  • From 7 June to 19 July EUR 8.50
  1. Disqualification and penalty points
  • For any unsportsmanlike, rude behavior or fraudulent action.
  • If a participant uses running spikes, football boots or footwear with any other sharp elements during the event.
  1. Awarding
  • Prizes provided by organizers and sponsors of the event will be awarded to winners of 1st – 3rd place in the overall standings.
  • Prizes provided by organizers and sponsors of the event will be awarded to winners of 1st place in each individual discipline.
  • Each team will receive guaranteed prizes.
  1. Other provisions
  • Clothing – athletic.
  • Take change footwear to the event. Leave outdoor footwear in the dressing room.
  • Take off jewellery during the event.
  • Be tolerant during the event.
  • The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the Regulation, course of the event, time, distances, games and scoring system, if necessary.


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