Has working out been that one item on your to-do list that always gets pushed further down and farther away from your dream for far too long? Act now! Pack your gym bag, because from 03.01. till 9.01.2022 you can visit MyFitness clubs for free.

All you have to do:

  • Go to your Facebook profile.
  • Check in at one of the MyFitness clubs.
  • Make a post with the text “I’m going to reach my fitness goals @MyFitnessMatīss” (choose one of the 13 MyFitness clubs that you want to visit for free).
  • Show this post to the MyFitness club administrator and visit the fitness club for free. The post must be public.


Please remember:

  • To verify your identity, the administrator of the MyFitness club will need to see your identity document (passport or ID card) along with your Facebook post.
  • You can visit the fitness club for free on the same day you check in at the respective club with your Facebook profile.
  • During the campaign, you can visit MyFitness clubs an unlimited number of times. Visit the MyFitness clubs one or several times a day!
  • During the campaign (3.01.–9.01.), you can visit the same fitness club by showing the same post (don’t forget that your Facebook post has to be public). If you want to visit different MyFitness clubs within the campaign, you have to make a new post, mentioning the respective MyFitness club.

Campaign period: 3.01.–9.01.2022.

MyFitness members can participate in campaign to visit clubs outside member’s package ( time or type).

See you at the gym!



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