Hello! I’m 46 years old, working as a chef in a hotel and, I don’t even remember anymore, three or four years ago I started going to MyFitness. Every year on the New Year’s Eve I said that I would start a new life and start going to the gym, but… the year started, and the commitment disappeared.

Well, it was for several years. I remember that I tried many sports as a child and teenager, then there was a decline until I started to go to the gym! And it really pulled in. I can no longer imagine my daily life without physical activities. I go to MyFitness at least three times a week, despite the fact that my work is also physical enough and the hours are long, but I am still happy to go to the gym.

When doing sports regularly, there are completely different emotions and feelings. Of course, the fact that you feel better when losing 15 kg, especially without following the diet, is also pleasant.

The health is improving. If once in Sigulda climbing the stairs (there is quite some distance to go up the hill) I thought I won’t survive, then now it is no longer a problem.

Fitness trainings has provided an additional incentive to ride a bike in the forest, put on skates and roll for several hours. All this is due to the initial stage, when I started going to MyFitness, it gave me a pretty big push to be active, because without it my whole life would be quite monotonous – work, home, work, home…

I recommend everyone to overcome laziness and be active!

It’s healthy, even more – you start to like yourself better because you hear compliments from others. And don’t say that you don’t have time, etc., because I repeat – I have to spend up to 14 hours a day at work. I am very tired; I have a family and two children. But I also find time to go to the gym, exercise, and I feel really happy.

I also do not allow children to spend all their time only with smart devices, but I encourage them to be active and do some physical activities.

It was an unpleasant and sad moment when the gyms were closed by order of the government. It was sad. I had to look for new ways how continue to be active. In winter, there was a huge demand for skis, and we had to wait in long lines. But solutions were also found – treadmills were rented, multifunctional exercise machines were found, etc. And joy when everything resumed in the summer! Therefore, I say thanks for giving me the opportunity to be active and escape from my daily routine! Sports have improved the quality of my life and health! So, let’s be active, and I wish MyFitness for many years to keep doing their great job!


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