When: 13/04

Where: Club MyFitness Matīss Functional Area

What time: Registration from 9:00 AM, judges’ instructions at 10:00 AM, individual starts from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Participation fee : FREE for Club Members , others – EUR 5

Registration : By sending an-email to (indicating your full name, e-mail, and phone No.) by  12/04/19 , individual start times for the participants will be published on the competition day on 13/04/19.

During the competition, the participants will have to complete certain cross-training tasks in the shortest possible time period.

Competition tasks:

  • Rowing
  • Kettlebell swings(a kettlebell swing through the arm making a straight line with the shoulder, hip and ankle at the final phase).
  • Arm flexion and straightening hanging on a baror pull-ups (for men) and laydown push-ups or hand releases (for women).
  • Box jumps(jumping on a box with both legs simultaneously. The movement is fixed when the body makes a straight line on the box).
  • Kettlebell squats (a squat is fixed when your butt has touched the fitness ball during squatting. The movement is fixed by your body standing in a straight line).
  • Two handed kettlebell squat (pushing above the head) (the movement is fixed when your body is forming a straight line).
  • Burpees

The results include the calories used, number of repetitions and exercise completion time.

No age or gender restrictions apply for participation. In certain groups, women and men will perform separately.

The working weight during the exercises is 12 kg for women and 20 kg for men.


📸 Photos and videos can be made during the event, therefore according to the EU-GDPR, we have the obligation to inform you that the material may be used for advertising purposes in MyFitness social networks and website. By attending the event, you agree to taking photos and video recordings during the event and publishing thereof for advertising purposes If you do not want your photos or videos to be shot during the event, please advise on that our photograph or operator. If you want any of the published pictures to be removed after the event, please contact us.



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