1. Relaxone services can be used by purchasing a Relaxone periodic service in addition to your membership package.
  2. While staying at the Relaxone area, all customers are required to follow the club’s internal rules.
  3. Relaxone usage rights can be purchased by members of MyFitness who have active membership contract.
  4. Before using the Relaxone service, the member makes sure that he/she has read the Relaxone use and safety instructionsand has no contraindications to the use of Relaxone.
  5. The customer uses Relaxone services at his own risk. If you have any health problems, we recommend that you consult your doctor first.
  6. The Relaxone service can be used with your clothes on (it is not allowed to use the service with dirty clothes or swimwear ).
  7. It is required to take off shoes before the session.
  8. Outerwear, bags and other things must be placed in the locker room in advance.
  9. It is mandatory to clean the device with disinfectant before and after use.
  10. Relaxone visitors are expected to have a prudent attitude towards Relaxone equipment, to maintain cleanliness and to behave politely in the club premises.
  11. It is prohibited to smoke, including snuff, consuming alcohol and drugs in the club premises, including Relaxone area. It is also forbidden bring drinks and snacks (including chewing gum) in the glass containers to Relaxone area. In case of violation of these rules, the club has the right to cancel the customer’s membership card for a certain period of time or demand a fine of up to €32 and/or terminate the membership agreement unilaterally.
  12. Service personnel have the right to reprimand and to call people to order.
  13. In case of violation of the internal rules or rude and bad behaviour, the service personnel has the right to ask the visitor to leave, impose a financial penalty of up to € 32 on the customer and/or cancel the membership card for a limited or unlimited period. In this case, no refunds will be made for club packages and visitor tickets purchased. The club has the right to demand full compensation for the damage caused to the club.
  14. The Relaxone service is valid indefinitely after ordering and is valid together with the membership agreement until its termination, i.e. upon termination of the membership agreement, the Relaxone service also terminates.
  15. The Relaxone service can also be terminated separately from the membership agreement. If you enter into a Relaxone service termination agreement on the 1st to 14th (incl.) date of the month, the service will terminate on the last day of the same month. If you enter into a service termination agreement on the 15th to the last (incl.) date of the month, the service will terminate on the last date of the following calendar month.
  16. The use of the Relaxone service is suspended during the on-hold membership period according to the membership agreement. With regard to the use of the service, it is not possible to put it on hold separately from the membership agreement.
  17. Payment for the Relaxone service shall be made under the conditions specified in the membership agreement similarly to the payment of other fees arising from the membership agreement.
  18. Payment of the fee is obligatory regardless of whether you actually use the service or not.
  19. The general terms and conditions of the club apply to the use of the Relaxone service insofar as they do not conflict with the nature of the use of the service.
  20. Relaxone service can’t be used with temporary card, as the right to use the area is attached to your member card.


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