MyFitness rezervācijas noteikumi



1. Only the holders of a valid MyFitness membership card  and valid period card can  register to group trainings.

2. Trainings can be booked 2 weeks in advance (for the current and the following week) and one member can have a maximum of 8 active bookings at a time.

3. Only two bookings can be made for the same day, but other trainings may be attended if space is available. Members who already have a bookings for the same day, but wish to attend other trainings as well, may obtain a training ticket from the receptionist before the training in case of vacancies.

4. Your presence in training can be confirmed no earlier than 2 hours before the start.

5. A member can attend a group training if the place is confirmed at the sports club info kiosk or by receptionist.

6. If the member cannot attend a training already booked for, the booking must be cancelled in online at least 90 minutes before the training. There is no cancellation of bookings over the phone.

7. The online booking system allows bookings to be made up to 15 minutes before the training.

8. The online system will automatically cancel all bookings that have not been confirmed 5 minutes before the training. If a member with a booking is late, he or she can only attend the training in case of vacancies and if it is not later than 10 minutes after training has begun. If several members have arrived late, priority for a place in the class is given to the member who has come first to the administrator and the place in the class is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

8.1 Clause 8 of these regulations does not apply to the BOXBOX, Fusion Pilates and StuioX classes. After the start of the BOXBOX, Fusion Pilates or StudioX class, visitors are no longer allowed in the studio due to safety reasons.

9. If training is not cancelled on time, the club has the right to charge a no-show fee as stated in the price list.

10. No-show fee applies if an active booking has not been realized 10 minutes after the beginning of the training.

11. No-show fee does not apply to bookings that are still in the waiting list at the beginning of the training.

12. For bookings that have moved from the waiting list to the confirmed bookings list the no-show fee applies if the training is not cancelled 90 minutes before the training.

13. No-show fee does not apply to bookings that move from the waiting list to the confirmed bookings list less than 90 minutes before the training.

14. A fee of €3 will be charged for a booking that has not been cancelled on time. The training period will be shortened by a day for period passes.


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