Time to meet at the JAUNĀ SEZONA party!

Let’s experience new summer releases together!

  • GRIP – is a strength training using a weight bar to reveal your muscles and the best physique.
  • VERVE – strengthens your deep muscles, minimises tension and brings inner peace.
  • SUPER CORE – will help you to get that six pack you have always wanted, burn all that there is to burn and show off your muscles.

Group Trainings are taking place:

  • GRIP – MyFitness Galleria Rīga, Matīss, Imanta, Dzelzava, Alfa
  • SPURE CORE– MyFitness Galleria Rīga
  • VERVE – MyFitness Galleria Rīga, Imanta, Alfa, Dzelzava

A place in training book as usual www.myfitness.en or in the application.


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