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MyFitness sports clubs regulations

1. While on the premises of the sports club, visitors are obliged to:

1.1. Keep a 2 meter distance from others.

1.2. Disinfect sports club equipment, including exercise machines and lockers in locker rooms, before and after their use.

1.3. Strictly follow hand hygiene requirements.

1.4. Not visit the sports club premises if experiencing any signs of illness.


MyFitness sports clubs regulations

1. The services provided in MyFitness sports clubs are available to all clients – both Club members and persons using the Club’s services with a one time pass. All clients are obliged to follow the Club’s regulations while attending the Club.

2. The Club has the right to change the opening hours, Price List, agenda, etc of the Club.

3. The Club has the right to save its clients’ personal data and photos with a specific program for the purpose for the identification, services and security.

4. For security reasons the Club is equipped with video surveillance.

5. All clients are expected to maintain order and cleanliness and behave politely while in the Club. Clients are expected not to disturb other clients or cause them discomfort while in the Club.

6. All clients are expected to use the club’s property and behave with other clients in accordance to good manners. It is strictly prohibited to drop training equipment on the floor as this will damage both the premises and the equipment.

7. The client is responsible for their exercising in the club and possible injuries. If any health problems arise it is advised that the client contacts their physician. The client is obliged to inform their trainer of any injury or trauma as soon as these occur. In the case of existing injury the client is obligated to inform their trainer and the club not later than before the training.

8. Services including training and consulting in the MyFitness sports clubs can only be provided by persons authorized by MyFitness. A member is not allowed to offer any abovementioned services to other members without a written permission from MyFitness. Should a client provide training services to other persons regardless of remarks made by the staff of the Club, MyFitness will have the right to unilaterally cancel the client’s agreement and prohibit the client from using the Club.

9. Club membership is individual and it is forbidden to pass on a Membership Card to another person. If the Membership Card is used by another person, the Club will have the right to deprive or delete that person of the card and charge the person without the Membership Card for a one time pass fee as indicated in the Price List for each breach discovered.

10. A customer service attendant has the right to ask the clients for their identification documents. In this case customer has the obligation to show valid identification document of this customer.
11. A member must immediately inform the Club when their Membership Card has been lost. A new Card will be issued for a fee stated in the current price list.

12. In a sports Club where the lockers are closed with a padlock, a personal padlock is issued to Club Members upon joining. If a client does not have a padlock, he/she can purchase a new padlock according to the current Price List. A person visiting the Club with a one-time pass or a voucher will get a padlock from the reception and is obliged to return the padlock to the reception after training.

13. In the Club, clients are obliged to wear sports clothes and indoor footwear to ensure hygiene and safety. To ensure safety, clients are not allowed to wear sandals or any other open type shoes or be barefoot in the gym. In group trainings, training clothes and footwear suitable for the specific training must be used. To ensure client safety and hygiene, it is recommended for clients to wear slippers in the bathrooms and in the pool.

14. Smoking and using alcohol and drugs and entering the Club while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden.

15. In the premises of the Sports Club, it is not allowed to consume any foodstuffs brought along.

16. The Club is open to clients over 12 years of age while all clients under 16 years of age can only use the Club under the supervision of a responsible adult or trainer or by way of exception with special training packages aimed at clients under 16 years of age under the supervision of a trainer. Persons aged 12–15 (included) can use the gym with a single pass and accompanied by an adult. The MyFitness Membership Agreement is signed with clients aged 16 or above. The Agreement for a minor is signed by his/her legal representative – a parent or legal guardian. Persons under 12 years of age are not allowed to be taken along to the gym and group trainings and left without supervision in the Club’s premises (except children attending children’s and adolescents’ trainings up to 15 minutes before the beginning of the training).

17. It is mandatory to use a towel at trainings.

18. To maintain order in the Club the client is obliged to put all training equipment back in its original place after use (in group trainings, after the end of the training). On spinning cycles the fastening screws of the seat and handlebar must be unfastened and the cycle cleaned. Step benches must be set to the lowest level after each use. All training equipment should be cleaned after use with a specific disinfectant.

19. Bookings for group trainings can be made online or in the information desk in the club.

20. It is not allowed to be late to group trainings as it disturbs other attendants and an incomplete warm-up significantly raises the chances for injuries. A trainer has the right to not allow a person who is late to join the training class regardless of them having a ticket. When a client is late for a group training the Club has the right to give the booked place to another client.

21. When a client needs to leave a group training before the end of the training class for extraordinary reasons, we ask that the trainer be informed before the beginning of the class.

22. When a theft by a Club member or guest is discovered an immediate lifelong ban from the Club will take effect and no training package will be reimbursed. The Club has the right to demand compensation for damages related to the theft.

23. Lockers in the dressing room are only meant to be used during the opening hours of the Club for the time of attending a training. It is forbidden to leave personal items in the locker during the day outside trainings or overnight. All things that are left in the locker at the end of the working time of the Club are considered abandoned. The Club ensures the release of all lockers from left items every day after the Club’s working time.

24. When leaving the Club, a Member must put back in its place or return to the receptionist of the Club the key of the locker (except when the Member uses the padlock given to him/her for locking the locker or upon joining the Club). If the key of a locker is damaged or lost, a Member must pay a compensation as indicated in the Price List.

25. Any items lost and found in the Sports Club are kept in the reception of the Club for 14 days.

26. A client must leave the Club by the time the Club is closed.

27. For client satisfaction it is not advised to use mobile phones during trainings.

28. On the premises of the sports club, it is only allowed to use hand and surface disinfectants provided by the Club, which are the property of the sports club.

29. Payments in cash can be made only in Dzelzava, Galleria Riga, Imanta, sports clubs.

30. It is mandatory to use a towel underneath when sitting in the sauna room. Shaving, hair dyeing, laundry drying and any other disturbing activities in the premises of the Sports Club are forbidden.

31. It is not allowed to use oils, honey, salts or other face and body treatment remedies in sauna and in showers. It is strictly prohibited to use the water on sauna rocks.

32. In case of infringement of regulations or rude behavior the personnel has the right to ask the visitor to leave, assign a compensation according to the Price List and/or block the Membership Card for a certain period/or cancel the Membership Agreement unilaterally. In the abovementioned case training packages or single passes will not be reimbursed. The Club has the right to demand full compensation for damages.

33. The Club is not responsible for the clients’ personal property and does not provide a service to guard the clients’ items . If necessary, valuables can be stored in a mini-safe or in the lockers in the dressing rooms.

34. The Club is not responsible for illnesses or accidents that are caused by the client’s own activity or by force majeure.



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