Have sports and trainings at MyFitness sports clubs changed my life? I can definitely answer this question with a resounding ‘yes’. My God, yes!

The origins of my story can be traced back to a relatively early childhood, although in fact, as a child, I rather lacked physical activities. At the age of about 8, after long suffering due to pain in the legs and countless visits to doctors, I was diagnosed with arthritis, inflammation of the joints, followed by recommendations for moderate physical activity and long-term exemption from sports. Besides, I didn’t seem to have the slightest talent in sports either. I did not meet any regulations, but I could not sit still for long. During high school, I started to participate in sports lessons, dance in a folk-dance group and attending swimming lessons. I realized that it is not so crazy at all, and, in the end, I can even live with the outbursts of my old “friend” arthritis, which still appeared at a higher physical activity.

As you know, life is full of surprises and various acquaintances. As a result of one such acquaintance, shortly after starting studies at the university, one guy persuaded me to go with him to the gym (now MyFitness Imanta).

To my great surprise to myself, I discovered that there is a sport that I not only like, but also do quite well. In the first half of the year, I lost 6 kg (!), also I gained a much more beautiful body shape and such a passion for strength training that I started to challenge my body more and more – so what are you going to say now? Maybe a thorough “leg day”?

I found that by accustoming my body to exercise, arthritis pain begins to appear not more often, but on the contrary – less, and less.

As I said, life is full of surprises. In my case, surprises follow each other. I became pregnant. Great news! However, for medical reasons, physical activity had to be paused. For a long time. Too long.

After that, it was so easy to find excuses, when in fact I was just afraid to come back. I was afraid of not being able to do something as good as I did before.

I had never participated in group trainings, which might seem a safer option. I seemed to be too clumsy for aerobics, so it wasn’t an option either, I thought. Without finding another solution, I started running. It turned out that I, a person who used to be disgusted with running, now even get some pleasure from it.

Until the next emotional period in my life, when I did not do sports for two or three years again. I reached the stage when I realized that it simply cannot continue. The fear of returning to the gym alone had not disappeared, so I decided to at least look at the list of group trainings in one of the clubs of the MyFitness network, which was already popular at that time. In the list of trainings, I saw the name GRIP and the picture next to it with weights. I thought – hey, this group training might be right for me! I got the courage, registered online for my first visit, and went to the club in the evening to overcome my fears. During the training, I looked at others and did not understand how they could understand so well what to do while I barely got along. I thought that the others have definitely not come to this group training for the first time and probably I will have to give it another chance as well, because I already felt it – my first GRIP – and I thought yes, this is so very suitable for me. One GRIP, two, three, Tabata, Circle workout and I was back.

And indescribably happy to be “back”. After a while, I already felt at home in group trainings, because of which I have spent more than 2.5 years in MyFitness clubs, countless trainings and even the first Cross training competition, where I won 2/3 of the women’s competition.

During these last couple of years, the gym has also been accompanied by passion and participation in competitions in trail running, orienteering, depending on the season – snowboarding and winter swimming or wakeboarding, volleyball, etc. activities. Also, by attending MyFitness group trainings I have made a bunch of great friends, and possibly future colleagues as well, because inspired by MyFitness trainers this summer I also decided to finally take a step forward my dream and applied to program of Health Sports Specialist at Riga Stradins University.

Today, without workouts and physical activities, I can no longer imagine my daily life, and I know that with my lifestyle I also inspire my peers, family, and friends to be active, play sports and take care of their health in general. In fact, it is also a huge responsibility, because I know that I am looked at, valued, and taken as an example, but because of that I would like to say my sincerest thanks and appreciation to them – it also motivates me not to give up and to continue when it is difficult, when there is pain and fatigue. To make an excuse for not doing something motivation is not necessary. However, everyone can really discipline themselves only.

Thanks also to trainers Una, Ieva, Aleksejs, Ilze, you already know – you are the best and thank you for making me better too! Without you, I would not be me.

I can safely say MyFitness has changed my life!



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