MyFitness Walk is an active hiking-type measure in fresh air with tasks to be performed during a limited period.

  • Spend time actively and exploring outdoors the districts of Riga.

  • The distance that you will cover during the Walk could be 8 to 15 km — it depends on how successful you are in finding the objects and in what order.
  • The minimum time what we accept is from 90 min and more. If team will send, that they did it less than 90 min – then team’s result will be disqualified.

  • A team can be made up of 2 to 4 participants.
  • Age — at least one person in a team must be an adult.

  • from 29 May to 13 Jun. You can choose the most convenient date and time for you
  • Place – Ropaži (new one), Jūrmala, Olaine, Stopiņi, Mangaļsala.



For a team (2-4 persons):


Tickets fee

1 Walk 8.50
3 Walk 13.00
5 Walk 17.00

  • Online registration of participants and payment is to be performed by one person of the team.
  • After a successful registration, the team will receive a confirmation email within 36 hours.

  • Registration on the MyFitness website;
  • You will receive confirmation email after registration within 36 hours and this by-law in e-mail;
  • Participants will receive all the necessary materials after you have chosen which Walks you want to take. (but no sooner than the evening of May 28)
  • When you start a Walk, turn on a sport application (e.g. Strava, Runkeeper, Mapmyrun, etc.) and go for a walk in search of 28 – 30 photos of checkpoints, performing tasks, answering questions;
  • Photos of checkpoints, answers to questions, complete tasks, send as soon as you have completed your Walk.
  • In conclusion, you should send a screenshot image from an application that shows the your walk map and duration.

  • The order in which objects are searched is within the command;
  • When you have reached one of the points of the card, you must search for the location displayed in the photograph.
  • Take a picture from the same pivot as in a given photograph;
  • One of the team’s members must appear in all the pictures.
  • After taking a picture, send it to the telephone number indicated in the questionnaire, recording the serial number of the item and/or the answer to the question and/or fulfilling the task and/or the number/letter found;
  • Each team will also appear in the MyFitness Walk Annual Summary table (details below).

  • Google folder with marked points where you will have to go.
  • PDF with a table that will specify the objects to be searched for.

*In the table of objects you are looking for, you’ll see what you need to do there: simply make photo-fixations and do the task, or answer the question, or find a letter/number.


  • Planning 5-7 “MyFitness Walks” as part of the year;
  • At the end of each MyFitness Walk, the results of all the teams will be summarized and displayed in the table;
  • There will be two results tables: one will be about the specific MyFitness Walk and the other will be a summary of all MyFitness Walk 2021 events;
  • At the end of each MyFitness Walk, the first fice-places winning teams will receive awards;
  • Five teams will get the lottery awards;
  • At the end of the year, all the first three-place winning teams in the MyFitness Walk 2021 summary will receive the big awards from MyFitness and partners.

  • Clothing and footwear appropriate to the weather;
  • Take drinking water;
  • Picnic is always a good idea;
  • Warm tea/coffee in the Thermos;
  • Recommend shoes that do not pass moisture.


Share Your Walk feelings and emotions with  @myfitnesslv and #myfitnesspatra on social networks.

If there are questions, write to:

Have a great walk!



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