“MyFitness expedition” is an interesting and active event for a week day evening.

If you want to have a good time, let go of any tensions of the work day and chat with your friends, then know that you don’t have to wait for the weekend!


To get to know the surroundings in an active and interesting way, by paying attention to things and places that go unnoticed in everyday life.


The distance that you will cover during the expedition could be 5 to 15 km — it depends on how successful you are in finding the objects and in what order.*

*We encourage you to turn on navigation, so it is convenient for you to see how many kilometres you cover within the expedition.


  • A team can be made up of 2 to 4 participants.
  • At each point you will have to take a photo where at least one participant of the team is visible while holding a MyFitness flag.
  • Age — at least one person in a team must be an adult.


  • Start at MyFitness Aleja sports club.
  • 15 October.
  • Arrival from 18:00 until 18:30 — filling in the team form, receiving maps, placing belongings and other preparation work.
  • Unnecessary belongings can be put in lockers, if necessary, but they need to be taken out before the club closes.


  • Register you can do here in website or in the MyFitness sport club by 14 October 17:00;
  • Arrive on the event day to the sports club MyFitness Sky & More from 18:00 until 18:30;
  • After filling in a form, the team will receive an envelope with a map and a table of the objects to find;
  • Everyone starts at the same time at 18:30 at the sports club.


  • It is up to the team to decide in what order the objects will be looked for;
  • When you have reached a point on the map, you need to find the spot shown in the photo;
  • You must take a picture from the same view as the photo provided;
  • At least one of the team members must be visible in all of the photos taken. It is essential that one of the team members appears in all pictures while holding the provided MyFitness flag;
  • After taking the picture, send it to the phone number specified in the form, by adding a note with the object number;
  • All of the pictures taken must be sent within the time period from 18:30 until 21:30;
  • There is a possibility that other types of tasks will need to be performed at some points on the map, which will be described in more detail in the table of the objects to find;
  • The last photo taken must be sent in by no later than 21:30;
  • Important! You don’t necessarily have to find all the points shown on the map, you only need to do as many as you can manage;
  • If you have completed at least 70% of the tasks in the time period from 18:30 until 21:30, you will automatically take part in a lottery for a prize from MyFitness;
  • If you leave any personal belongings at the sports club, they need to be collected before the sports club closes (by 23:00).


For teams (regardless of the number of participants in the team, minimum 2 persons, maximum 4 persons):

Eur 15.00 Eur 19.00


  • Online registration of participants and payment is to be performed by one person of the team.
  • On the day of the event, before the start at the sports club, a team form will need to be filled in — number of participants, contact information, name of the team, signatures.


  • They agree to the terms of the event;
  • They are aware that SIA “MyFitness” as the organiser of the event does not bear responsibility for any sustained injuries or health issues of the participant while taking part in the “MyFitness expedition”;
  • They will abide by traffic regulations during the event;
  • They agree that SIA MyFitness will publish the results and name of the team on the event’s web page after the event;
  • By registering, they agree to receive documentation and information related to “MyFitness expedition” to the specified e-mail, as well as to the specified phone number;
  • The participants confirm and give the Organiser rights, on their own or by authorising third parties, to take photos, videos and make other sound and visual information recordings of the participants and are fully informed about it, as well as to collect, keep and process information about the participant on text, sound and visual data carriers. Processing of information, among others, shall be considered to be the right to collect, register, enter, store, organise, transform, use, transfer, transmit and delete information about participants;
  • If necessary, the Organiser may transfer the said information to related companies, as well as to other third parties. The Organiser has the right to use the aforementioned information and data in advertising campaigns of the Event. Copyright, distribution rights and other ownership rights to photos, recordings and other obtained information are held by the Organiser.


  • Results will be published on the website in the event section “Results” within 5 days from the day of the event;
  • By completing 70% of the expedition’s tasks, the team participates in a lottery to win the main prize from MyFitness. Participants will also receive small surprise prizes from cooperation partners and MyFitness.

In the case of any additional questions, write to


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