What is the body analysis?

Want to know the biological age of your body? Do you know the weight of your muscles and the distribution of muscles and fat on your arms, legs and torso?

You can receive all this information and even more with the help of the Jawon ioi 353 body composition analyser, from basic information (weight, height, etc.) to more specific indicators (muscle mass, fat %, biological age, etc.). The results are 99% accurate and the recommended indicators of the results are in compliance with the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization). In addition, Jawon analyser displays the basal metabolic rate and the recommended daily calorie intake.


As a result you will find out:

  • Biological age of your body
  • The percentage of fat and fat distribution on your body parts
  • Your fat-free body mass
  • Basal metabolic rate and recommended daily calorie intake
  • Guidelines for the weight management

If the weight, fat %, height and muscle proportion in your body is not balanced according to the recommendations, Jawon offers instructions for managing your weight. The instructions include the recommended change in the daily calorie intake and the required increase in spending energy by means of exercise.

Jawon ioi 353 allows you to gain an overview of your body composition indicators to provide you with information for further exercise and diet and a positive impact.

Before measuring

  • The measuring should be conducted ca. 3-4 hours after your last meal.
  • Avoid diuretic products (such as coffee and energy drinks) before (about 4 hours)
  • Drink two glasses of water about 2 hours before measuring.
  • Avoid exercise, saunas, or other activities that can cause excessive sweating for at least 4 hours before measuring.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol for at least 24 hours before measuring.

Price of the body analysis: 15€

This service we provide in  MyFitness Galleria Riga, MyFitness Matīss.


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