MyFitness rezervācijas noteikumi

1. There is a fee on squash court reservation. If a member wishes to make a reservation, thus guaranteeing a free court, he has to make a reservation in the club. The fee of EUR 5.00 per hour must be paid at the club.

2. If a squash court at the relevant time is free and the member haven’t made reservation before, but want to use the squash court, he is obliged to inform the administrator about it. The fee of EUR 5.00 per hour must be paid at the club.

3. If the reservation of squash court is made and client does not attend or cancel the game and he haven’t warned about reservation time 3 days in advance it is subject to a no show fee according to price list.

4. Reservation can be made only in the club.

5. For those who are not Club members, an extra fee per visit is charged (if free court is available).

6. It is possible to rent required squash inventory: racket rental EUR 2.85, ball rental EUR 0.70.

7. Client examines inventory if it is not damaged prior its rental and notifies the administrator. During the game, the complaints are not accepted and it is considered that the equipment is damaged due to the fault of the customer. Once the client has rented inventory has acknowledged the fact that inventory is not damaged.

8. About inventory intentional damage, liability is determined by the administration of the club, based on the repair costs.

9. The Administration has the right to ban from the club from and/or terminate subscription without any compensation if intentional damage of inventory occurs.

10. If during the game, the ball is passed out of bound into unexpected/unreachable place, club does not cover its value.

11. Entrance on the squash court allows only footwear with white soles or if marked as “non marking”. The club’s administrators have the right to examine the compliance of the footwear. If it is found that player wears inappropriate footwear, the administrator has the right to expel the player from the squash court. If a player with his actions has ruined the flooring, an act is drawn up, which brings the player material responsibility.

12. It is client’s responsibility to keep his health condition, to control his health during the game. If any unpleasant pain occurs, it is necessary to stop the game immediately and seek the trainer or administrator reception for help.

13. The club is not responsible for client health status, as well as for personal injuries arising from the violation of Internal Rules or accident.


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