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1. If a particular individual sensitivity or allergic reaction to UV radiation is present, it is necessary to seek medical advice prior to UV equipment usage.

2. Certain medications when affected by UV radiation may exacerbate the potential side effects. In the event of doubt, seek medical advice.

3. Do not sunbath use solarium on the same day.

4. Wait at least 48 hours between the first two sunbaths.

5. If 48 hours after the first sunbath with UV equipment, unforeseen side effects (e.g. itch) occur, seek medical advice prior to next sunbath.

6. Follow the recommendations, which related to radiation’s duration, intervals and the distance between the lamps.

7. Always use sunbathing glasses. Contact lenses and glasses do not replace the solarium glasses.

8. Before the sunbathing in a solarium, clean cosmetics and do not use the filtering products or products that speed up the tan.

9. If persistent swelling or sores appear on the skin, or if there are changes in the pigment of birthmarks, seek medical advice.

10. Protect sensitive skin (for example, scars, tattoos and genitals) from the effects of radiation.

11. Sun and UV equipment ultraviolet radiation can cause damage to the eyes or the skin, which may be permanent. These biological effects depend on both the quantity and quality of the radiation, as well as person’s skin sensitivity.

12. The skin may develop sunburn from the sunbathing. Excessive repeated skin exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun or UV equipment can cause premature skin ageing, as well as increase the risk of skin cancer. These risks increase by increasing the radiation exposure. The impact of radiation in early years increases the risk of skin damage later.

13. The inflammation of surface may occur eyes are unprotected, and in some cases, excessive radiation can result in retinal damage. After many-repeated radiation, cataracts may develop in some cases.


1. persons under 18 years of age, except in cases where a family physician or dermatologist statement is present that says person’s health condition is adequate for obtaining cosmetic tanning services. A medical statement shall is valid for 6 months;

2. persons with freckles;

3. persons with naturally red hair;

4. person with unusual pale spots on the skin;

5. persons with more than 16 birthmarks (2 mm or more in diameter);

6. persons with atypical birthmarks (atypical birthmarks are asymmetric birthmarks, which are larger than 5 mm in diameter with different pigmentation and irregular shapes; if in doubt seek medical assistance);

7. persons, who are suffering from sunburn;

8. persons, who cannot be sunbathing or persons who are sunburned when sunbathing in the sun;

9. persons who, sunbathing in the sun burns swiftly;

10. persons often suffered from severe sunburns in childhood;

11. persons, who have or had skin cancer, or are at risk of developing skin cancer;

12. persons, who has melanoma in the family history;

13. persons, whose 1st degree relative had melanoma;

14. persons, which are under the supervision of a physician for diseases related to photosensitivity (sensitivity to radiation energy effects);

15. persons, who use photosensitive medication.


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